Entrepreneurs tackle our biggest challenges

COVID-19 has shown us in a dramatic way, that we need to change the way we deal with our world. Whether it is climate change, plastic pollution, human well-being, digitalization or just the way we raise and educate the next generations of children - we believe that entrepreneurs are the ones that can tackle the big challenges, that are ahead of us, best. 


The view on Entrepreneurship is flawed


But the picture of entrepreneurs in the press and in the world is mistaken. It’s mainly driven by a few unicorns backed by a billion dollar venture capital industry, whose founders are glorified with a lot of survivorship bias and media attention. However, reality is that the overarching majority of founders will never build a unicorn and lots don’t even aim to do so. Numerous founders don’t need and often even don’t want to raise tons of money. Instead, they strive to build a profitable, growing, and lasting company that changes the world for the better. Those entrepreneurs solve real customer problems in a better way.


goodpreneurs is a source of inspiration and feedback for entrepreneurs who change the world for the better


With goodpreneurs we want to help these founders to speak up and thus change the picture that currently exists of entrepreneurs. Besides speaking up, we connect a growing community of founders that understood that their personal growth defines the boundaries of their companies potential. We will talk open about failures and hurdles a founder needs to jump over when scaling her/his company. Building a company from scratch isn’t easy, nor glamorous in the first place. It is hard work, long hours and stressful times with risky decisions. We provide founders a source of inspiration and feedback to reflect better and grow as an entrepreneur, thus changing the world for the better.

Fabian, Christoph
and the better ventures Team

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